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Factors That Can Affect Loan Application

When you have an earnest and substantial budgetary prerequisite, the credit will turn out to be the perfect choice to fulfill this necessity. Undoubtedly, when you are applying for the credit, you will consider elements, for example, the primary sum, financing cost and the reimbursement residency. There are different elements that you have to consider, for example, the initial installment, insurance, EMIs and even the qualification criteria.

Every one of these components altogether, will have an essential part to play while deciding the perfect advance that will suit your money related prerequisite. Given beneath are a couple of critical components you have to consider when applying for your credit:

Qualification criteria

While there are a lot of various sorts of credits accessible in the market, each of these advances accompany distinctive components, include – ons and hazard levels. At the point when applying for any of these credits, as a borrower, generally speaking you will be required to reimburse the acquired finances and enthusiasm, inside the given time frame. Be that as it may, from a bank’s perspective, there will dependably be a danger of the borrower defaulting. Keeping in mind the end goal to battle this hazard and lessen the odds of defaulting happening, moneylenders frequently incorporate a qualification criteria when applying for a credit. On the off chance that you fulfill the qualification criteria, you will be naturally qualified to get the best advance rates.

EMI calculator

When you apply for a loan, you focus on your financial requirement. However, in the end, you will still be required to repay back the borrowed funds along with the interest rate, within the given tenure, through EMI’s. But planning the right EMI is a crucial step, as it allows you to have sufficient funds for other daily expenditures or emergency financial requirements. By using the EMI calculator, you will be required to calculate the EMI that will help repay back the funds as well provide you with sufficient financial corpus for other requirements.


Unlike other loans, a borrower will need to provide a collateral when opting for a secured loan. Depending on the value of the collateral, other influential factors such as the interest rate and the principal amount will be determined. Normally, when you apply for a loan to purchase a particular entity, such as a home or a car, these objects themselves are used as collateral. However, you can add additional collateral to get a loan amount that will suit your financial needs.

Down payment

As a part of the secured loan application process, you will need to provide a small amount of the value of collateral being purchased. This amount can be anywhere between 20 to 30% of the loan amount. The higher the down payment, the more favorable will be the loan rates. You can even use the EMI calculator to calculate the EMI and the down payment you can afford.

While there are plenty of other factors that can affect your loan, these are the important ones you need to consider. You can always approach your lender to know more.